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Dr. Chen Hao-Zhu, male, born on November 6, 1924, native of Xinhui city, Guangdong province. Cardiologist. Graduated from Department of Medicine, National Chung-Cheng Medical College in 1949 and took courses for advanced studies at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science in 1957. Elected to be the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1997. He is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases, and is one of the founders of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic technique for cardiovascular diseases in China.

Presently, he serves as professor of Internal Medicine and teacher of graduate student studying for doctor's degree in Zhong-Shan Hospital of Fudan University Medical Center
former Shanghai Medical University, director of Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, head of the Key Department of Chinese Ministry of Education and Leading Department of Shanghai Municipal Government, member of the Expert Advisory Panel for Cardiovascular Diseases of the World Health Organization and the director of the Collaborating Center for Research and Training in Cardiovascular Diseases of this Organization, member of the State Advisory Committee for Research on Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases, member of the Academic Degrees Committee of Chinese Ministry of Health, advisor of the Society of Cardiovascular Diseases of Chinese Medical Association, honorary chairman of the Shanghai Society of Cardiovascular Diseases, advisor of the National Medical Journal of China and the Chinese Journal of Cardiology, associate chief editor of the Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine , associate chief editor, member or advisor of the editorial board of other 18 journals, member of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, the New York Academy of Sciences, the World Hypertension League, the International Atherosclerosis Society and the International Chinese Heart Health Network.

He engaged in the clinical, education and research work on cardiovascular medicine for more than 50 years and is a wellknown cardiologist. He did outstanding clinical and education work and won merit citation for two times as well as 2 First Prize of Education Achievement from the Shanghai Municipal Government accordingly. He has made great contribution to the research work on epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, cardiac pacing and cardioversion for treatment of serious cardiac arrhythmias, integration of Traditional and Western Medicine in treatment of coronary heart disease, risk factors , thrombosis and thrombolitic mechanism of myocardial infarction, as well as blood lipid levels among healthy Chinese people . He performed the first selective coronary arteriography in China in the year 1973 and successfully rescued "quinidine syncope" patients by means of intravenous dripping of extraordinarily large dose of isoprenaline since 1974. He was granted 1 Second Prize of National Research Achievement and Technical Advance, 6 First Prizes of Research Achievement and Technical Advance from the Shanghai Municipal Government, Chinese Ministry of Health and the Chinese National Science and Technology Conference. He Won the "Excellent Research Work Award for 40 years Service in University" from Chinese Ministry of Education in 1990 and the "Awards of Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Health Care" from the State Council of China in 1991.

He is the author of more than 300 papers, author and editor of 8 books including
Text Book of Internal Medicine, Chinese Encyclopedia of Medicine-Cardiology, Practice of Internal Medicine ,Practice of Cardiology,Clinical Application of Cardiac Catheterization , Differential Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases,Atlas of Electrocardiography on Slides, Successful Rescue of 100 cases , contributor of other 21 books and chief translator of 5 books.

Twenty one graduate students award master's degree and other 37 award doctor's degree from Shanghai Medical University under his direction.

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