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Chen ZhongWei (1929,10), born in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, graduated from Shanghai 2nd Medical University in 1954, worked in Zhongshan Hospital, medical school of Fudan University as chief of research and education council of department of surgery, professor of orthopedic, teacher of doctor, member of Chinese Academy of Science and 3rd World Academy of Science, member of standing committee of Chinese medical association, founding member of international society of reconstructive microsurgery, member of international society of surgery. He was also the visiting professor of 12 international famous medical centers. He is specialist of orthopedic and microsurgery. He authorized in replanting a complete severed right hand in 1963, and gave the "founder's lecture" of replantation of severe limb before the annual congress of hand surgery of North America. He was nominated as "Father of replantation" internationally. He cooperated with colleagues of Jiaotong University in performing first "Electronic hand controlled by reconstructed digit". Because of outstanding contribution in the field of extremity replantation and microsurgery, professor Chen got grand award from ministry of health of central government in 1963, national scientific congress award from the State Council in 1981. The outstanding scientist award by Qiushi foundation and Primer Lee Peng in 1994, and the "millennium award from international society of reconstructive microsurgery in 1999". He authorized "Microsurgery", "Extremity replantation and traumatic orthopedics", "sports medicine", "Base and clinics in peripheral nerve injury" etc. 10 books. He authorizes many microsurgery operations, published 130 articles, and among them 33 published in English of international medical journals.

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