Junbo Ge

GeJunBo.JPG (8894 bytes)      Prof. Dr. Junbo Ge, Born in 1962 and graduated from Qingdao Medical College in 1984. He studied and worked in Germany for 9 years and got his doctor's degree in 1993 in University Mainz. After one year's postdoctoral training in University Hospital Essen, he was named Director of Intravascular Ultrasound Laboratory of the Department of Cardiology in that University Hospital. He was the president of the Chinese Medical Society in Germany since 1995 till he came back to China.
    He was called back by the State Ministry of Personal Affairs in 1999 and now is the Co-Chairman of Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Co-Director of the Department of Cardiology and Director of Interventional Cardiology. He has made lots of contributions to the fields of intravascular ultrasound and interventional cardiology and published more than 200 papers of which one thirds was enlisted in SCI. His discovery on myocardial bridging was named "Ge Phenomenon" and because of his finding the diagnosis and management of this syndrome had been improved. He has been invited to 14 countries to deliver lectures and was invited to chair 18 international conferences or scientific faculty.
Prof. Ge created several new projects in the fields of interventional cardiology after coming back to Shanghai. He is now the principal investigator of several scientific projects and achieved the title of "Sunshine Scholar" and "Cheung Kong Scholar".


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