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    Zhongshan School of Clinical Medicine, Fudan University is formerly named Zhongshan School of Clinical Medicine, Shanghai Medical University, it was founded on December 30,1992, the time after withdrawal Faculty of Medicine, Shanghai Medical University. The School is located in Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai Medical University (Now Zhongshan Hospital, medical Center of Fudan University). The president and vice presidents of the school are concurrently president and vice presidents of Zhongshan Hospital.

1.The organizational structures of the school and their functions
The school affairs are under the charge of a vice president, and the daily warks of the school are gotten through by department of Education. Department of Education consists of Division of Teaching Affairs and Division of student Management.
Division of Teaching Affairs is in Charge of planning out and carrying out teaching schedule, arranging curricurum, controlling teaching quality, etc.; Division of student Management is in charge of managing school rall and life of students, awarding scholarship, organiging Party and League activities and social practice, etc,.
Teaching works are carried out by teaching departments. There are 13teaching departments and 3teaching groups in the school, i.e., Department of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics, Imaging Diagnosis, Aanaesthesiology, Neurology, Medical Psycology, Dermatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Stomatology, Rehabititation; Obstetics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology Teaching Group. These teaching group participate in teaching works carried by teaching departments of Obstetric and Gynecological Hospital, Eye and Ear Nose Throat Hospital respectively.

2.Teachers rank
the school possesses a large number of qualified teachers with good echelon. There are one academician of Chinese Academy of Science, two academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 284 full and associate professors, 35 tutors of Doctor's degree and 45 tutors of Master's degree in the school. There are 666doctors and 689nursesin the hospital. 745personnds are firstly qualified as higher medical teachers, 254of them are young teachers (35 years),and pioneers of subjects account for 18%. 7 of them are pointed as candidate of hundred trans-century outstanding pioneers in the medical field of Shanghai. Lessons given by senior teachers account for 70% if all lessons,

3.Teaching condition
Zhongshan Hospital is the major teaching and practive base of Zhongshan School of Clinical Medicine. In addition, the other 5 hospitals are also bases of the school, with more than 3300 beds in all and 1300beds for practice, These bases are: Children's Hospital, Obstetric and Gynecological Hospital, Eye and Ear Nose Throat Hospital, Cancer Hospital, of Medical Center of Fudan University, and Shanghai Mental Health Center. There are 18 classrooms of different size in Zhongshan Hospital, with area of 1077 square meters. Each specialized division or department possesses one classroom, that can satisfy the need of medical service, teaching and research. There are one lecture theater with 126 seats, one audiovisual classroom with 54 seats, one operation showing room and one multimedia classroom with 13 computers in the school. In addition, there are one experimental diagnosis room and one animal experiment center. All classrooms are equiped with TV set, slide projector, videotape recorder and projector, some of them are equiped with cable TV by which teaching programme can be televised live.

4.Teaching tasks
The school has heavy teaching assignments, it provides curricula for more than 500 students majoring in more than 10specialities induding Clinical Medicine, Preventional Medicine, Health Administration, Maternity and Infant Health, Basic Medicine and so on. There are 44 subjects for 46 classes, and the curricula include classroom teaching, bedside teaching, probation and practice, with annually 1800 periods of classroom teaching, 4800 periods of bedside teaching and 5200 person-times of practice.

5.Compilation of textbook
In addition to textbooks compiled under the guidance of Public Health Ministry, a lot of new and excellent textbook were compiled in the school. Prof. Xu Junmian who chiefly edited. Medical Psychology (2nd ed) won the first and second prize in the third session of national medical textbook compilation respectively. "Internal Medicine"(4th ed) won the first prize of excellent textbook of Shanghai. In addition, "Applied Multiple Choise Questions" of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gyneocology, paediatrics were published by Shanghai Mdical University Press. Test reservoir which consisted of 15000 superior questions was founded, and was welcomed by students. Textbooks compiled by ourselves have been used clinically for several years and played good role, these books are: "Senior Textbook of Internal Medicine", "Senior Textbook of Surgery", "traditional Chinese Medicine", "Iutegrated Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Acupuncture", "Current Rehabilitation" and "Norm and Program for Emergency". "Clinical thought of Internal Medicine" edited by Prof. Zhang Xide this year, has been granted as "Textbook facing 21 century" by Educatin ministry, and spread nationwide. "Clinical Surgery" edited chiefly by Prof. Wu Zhaohan and Wang Guomin as textbook for 7-year program students majoring in Clinical Medicine, and "Exercises and Comments of Diagnostics" edited chiefly by Prof. Fu Zhijun" will be published later this year. The textbook "Internal Medicine" for 7-year program students majoring in clinical Medicine, edited chiefly by Prof. Wang Jiyao, has been made a beginning, will be completed this year and published formly next year.
There are 17 teaching videotapes and multimedia discs made in the school besides textbook, 5 of them won the prizes among comparisons in Shanghai Medical University and nationwide competition.

6.Teaching work administration
The leaders of the School pay great attention to teaching works, a vice president is in charge of teaching. There are 13 cadres of teaching work administration in Department of Education, 10 of them graduated from colleges and universities. Department of Education has a director and 2 deputy directors, Divison of Teaching Affairs has a director and a deputy director, Divison of Student Management has a director and 2 full-time teachers in charge of classes. In addition to the director or deputy director in charge of teaching affairs, teaching secretary is appointed to assist derector in each teaching department. The Senior resident of the word is in charge of practice, probation or bedside teaching. In addition to the organizations of Party and League, the teacher in charge of class is responsible for political thought work. Special faculty is put in charge of each teaching affair and student management, therefore, a strong teaching and administering net comes into being. Tutorial system is established for interns this year, so the thought works and medical skills are under the charge of special faculties.

7.Teaching characteristic
(1) Pay attention to quality of classroom teaching. Each young doctor must have a trial lecture before the first classroom teaching, he can give a lesson only after being approved by specialists. Seminars of classroom teaching, lessons with inspectors and competitions of lessons given by young teachers have been hold for several times to increase the quality of classroom teaching. Investigation and evaluation of teaching quality are made every term, and the excellent teachers of classroom teaching are awarded every year.
(2)Lay stress on training of clinical thought ability. Cliaical cases discussion, difficult and complicated cases discussion are held constantly. Clinical thought programs of Internal Medicine are compiled and "informal discussions and talks of clinical cases" are hold creatively by Department of Internal Medicine. All these open up thinkings of students, combine their vertical and horizontal thought tightly, and improve their skills of diagnosis and treatment.
(3)Emphasize training of clinical skills and doing something oneself. Evaluation of skills of physical examintion in "Diagnostics" and evaluation of clinical skills after finishing practice of Internal Medicine are held for many years. Training of basic skills in surgery such as dressing change, disinfection, incision, hemostasis, suture and knot are given formly and seriously, and the students have great achievement according to the evaluation of teaching quality and competition of clinical skills.
(4)Practice of Preventional medicine is characteristic of the school. To adapt modern social development and the change of medical model, students majoring in Clinical Medicine do practice of Preventional Medicine. They grasp the knowledge of Preventional Medicine by giving health guide and making investigation of epidemiology in factories, countrysides and communities. This opens up a new pathway for the reform of medical education and medical services. Up to now, 8 anthologies with more than 800 theses on Preventinal Medicine, written by students, has been pubilished.
(5)Pay attention to research of teaching. Competition of teaching, investigation and reform of teaching method have been persist in for many years. "Reserch of classroom teaching reform" carried by Department of Internal Medicine won the excellent achievement prize awarded by Shanghai Medical University. As audiovisual teaching materials, computer assistant teaching and test reservoir construction won the excellent prize awarded by Public Health Ministry. "Reserch of strengthening clinical thought and clinical skill training, and improving teaching quality of Internal Medicine" is appointed as teaching content and curriculum system reform plan of higher medical education to face 21 century sponsored by Education ministry and Public Health Ministry. The research is finished in time and will be appraised.
(6)Strengthen quality teaching, enhance ability of student in social practice. The senior students are organized to go to the community, army, and school, to narrate the knowledge of health and make examination of health for people, to investigate spectrum of diseases. They apply the knowledge learned in school to practice and train themselves by practice. The students enhance their political consciousness by doing voluntary labour, guiding medical service, being narrator of cemetery martyr and attending Party lecture and so on. The teachers and students have been awarded 122 times, have gotten 22 collective prizes and 17teaching prizes since 1995. The school has been awarded as model unit of the university for 6years in succession.

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