The seventh president: Qiu Lin


The seventh president: Qiu Lin, 1978.8-1984.9


19192003. Qiu Lin graduated from the Department of Medicine of National Medical College of Shanghai in 1946 and began his medical career. He worked in the First Hospital of the Red Cross Society of China in Shanghai as a resident physician, then chief resident of the Surgical Department, and as a teaching assistant of surgery. After 1949, the hospital was managed by the military and Dr. Qiu continued to work as an attending physician in the Department of Orthopaedics.


In 1952, the departments of the hospital were rearranged, and Dr. Qiu was transferred to Zhongshan Hospital and worked there as an attending physician in the Department of Orthopaedics and as the assistant director of the Dispensary. He invented internally-fixed exploratory apparatus using Smith-Petersen nail, then applied it in clinical operation and published an article about it in Chinese Journal of Surgery. In 1954, because of the reform in education, he was transferred to the teaching and research group of general surgery, serving as associate director and associate professor. During this time, he published 35 papers, including “Comparison of Hand Washing Using Ammonia Water and Hand Disinfection Using Soapy Water” and “Surgical Treatment for Patella Fracture”. Meanwhile, he participated in the compiling of Surgical Practice and translated and wrote books to popularize medical science. After he was promoted to vice president in September 1955, he redirected his focus to hospital management, and published several papers about it, such as, “The Basics and Extension of Hospital Management”, “Hospital Reform and Medical Ethics” and “Continual Improvement in Hospital Management”. He also joined China Hospital Management Association in the compiling of works like The Science of Hospital Management.


In 1950, under the leadership of Prof. Huang Jiasi, Dr. Qiu joined the first Voluntary Medical and Surgical Team for the Korean War (25 June 1950-27 July 1953) and worked in Northeast China. In August 1978, he served as the president and deputy party secretary of Zhongshan Hospital.


The key of hospital management is to improve service attitude and the quality of medical treatment. Dr. Qiu organized the discussion of “I’m a patient” in the hospital, which received a favorable response.


Dr. Qiu was conferred the title of Honorary Professor of Zhongshan Hospital. He devoted nearly 50 years of his life to medical practice and hospital management. The Hospital Management Institute of Chinese Medical Association granted him the award of “Lifetime Contribution to Hospital Management” in November 1994 and the Golden Shield Award in January 1996.