The eleventh president: Wang Yuqi


The eleventh president: Wang Yuqi, 2003.1.30-2013.12.6

Born in 1947 in Beijing. Member of the Communist Party of China. He graduated from Peking Union Medical College in 1970 with a bachelor’s degree and Shanghai First Medical College in 1982 with a master’s degree. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor. He once served as the vice president and executive vice president of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Medical College, president of Zhongshan Hospital, director of Vascular Surgery Institute of Fudan University, deputy chief of Vascular Surgery Group, Surgery Division of Chinese Medical Association, standing director of Shanghai Association of Surgery, vice chairman of Medical Insurance Branch of China Association of Labor and Social Security, standing member of Specialized Committee of Hospital Economic Management, China Hospital Management Society, member of Shanghai Hospital Management Society, editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Surgery and Chinese Journal of Experimental Surgery, the third secretary general of Asian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, member of  International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery (ISCV), International College of Angiology (ICA) and International Endovascular Treatment Specialists.

Dr. Wang was the first investigator of the project “Three New Techniques of Vascular Surgery” in 1997 and “The Clinical Observation and Surgical Treatment of Extracranial Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis Obliterans” in 2003, which respectively won the third and second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. He was the third investigator “The Experimental Research of the Treatment of Peripheral Arteriosclerosis with RuanjianQingmai Formula”, which won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The project also won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 1996 with Dr. Wang as the second investigator. He also was the second investigator of “the Treatment of Arterial Aneurysm with Intraluminal Implantation of Blood Vessel Prosthesis”, which won Shanghai Clinical Medical Productivity Award in 1999. He published over 70 papers and compiled 10 monographs and textbooks. He is the editor-in-chief of Vascular Surgical Procedures which was published in early 2003. Since 1999, he has published 4 papers in Chinese Journal of Hospital Administration, including “Observations on Hospital Reform” which aroused much sympathetic response and discussion in the medical circle.

In 2001, he was awarded by Central Health Care Committee. In 2010, he won Outstanding Contribution to Hospital Management Award. In 2012, President Wang was named by Chinese Journal of Health as one of the “Ten Men of the Year for Medical Reform”. In 2013, he won the President Contribution Award in the first National Hospital Quality Control Circle Contest.