The Rheumatism Group of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University was established in 1993. Meanwhile, a rheumatism-specific inpatient area was set up. On August 21, 2011, the Rheumatism Group was officially reorganized into an independent Department of Rheumatology. It is now a training base of specialist physicians for the Ministry of Public Health and a clinical pharmacology test base in Zhongshan Hospital for the State Drug Supervision and Administration Bureau. It has completed more than 20 clinical trials, undertook and participated in a number of national and municipal research projects on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic autoimmune diseases.

The department has a united and highly skilled team. Relying on the hospital’s abundant medical resources and integrated technical strength of multiple departments, the team offers comprehensive and collaborative treatment of diffuse diseases of connective tissue. The members of the team include one professor and chief physician, two associate professors and associate chief physicians, six attending physicians and three residents, among whom there is a doctoral supervisor.

Consulting Hours:

1. Special Diseases Clinic

Gout (Wednesday and Thursday Mornings)

Immune Vasculitis (Tuesday Afternoon)

Arthritis (Wednesday Afternoon)

Atrophic Arthritis (Friday Morning)

Febris Chronicity ( Monday Afternoon)

2. Specialist Clinic

Jiang Lindi ( Monday Afternoon and Wednesday Morning) (VIP Clinic)

Yu Qiang (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings)

Chen Huiyong (Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons)

3. General Clinic

Monday to Friday and Saturday morning

Clinical Features

The department offers comprehensive and collaborative treatment of diffuse diseases of connective tissue, relying on the hospital's abundant medical resources and integrated technical strength of multiple departments. It has gained rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critical cases, effectively organized the rescue of critically ill patients, participated in the diagnosis and treatment of other difficult and complicated cases in the hospital, and has thus been frequently praised by patients for its high-quality medical services.

This department receives many patients suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, seronegative spondyloarthropathies (including ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease arthritis, etc.), primary sjogren syndrome, polymyositis, dermatomyositis and other autoimmune diseases. After years of clinical practice, the department has formed a set of systematic and normative procedures, which enable patients to get timely diagnosis and treatment, and increase disease remission rate evidently. In 1994, the department worked with the UItrasonic Diagnosis Deparment in conducting kidney puncture guided by B-ultrasound, which dramatically increased tissue obtaining rate with less bleeding and other complications. In recent years, it cooperated with the Diagnostic Radiology Department and took the lead at home in carrying out MRI diagnosis and assessment of disease activity of rheumatoid arthritis, seronegative spondyloarthropathies and vasculitis, offering definite objective basis for early diagnosis and severity assessment of those diseases.

Under the leadership of director Jiang Lindi, the department focuses on study of vasculitis and gout. Exploring into assessment of patients’ condition through MRA and serological index diagnosis, it started to offer comprehensive treatment of takayasu arteritis quite early in the country. Through MRA and CTA examinations, it increased the diagnosis rate of takayasu arteritis, effectively carried out assessment of disease activity, finished establishment of an individualized comprehensive treatment platform which significantly improved the prognosis of patients. The department also cooperated with the Vascular Surgery Department, Cardiac Surgery Department and Thoracic Surgery Department in building an MDT Team to explore comprehensive medical and surgical treatment strategies of takayasu arteritis, and it has set up a special disease clinic for gout. Working with the Radiology Department, it took the lead in applying dual-source CT in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of gouty arthritis. The department is equipped with phase-contrast microscopes and B-mode ultrasound operated by trained personnel so as to reduce patients’ rate of taking joint cavity puncturing and other invasive examinations. The department is the first to apply dual-source CT to clinical practice in offering standard radiographic follow-up treatment for gout patients. In November 2011, the department created a platform “Patients Education Corner” for gout patients in Zhongshan Hospital. The platform offers lectures regularly to popularize gout-related knowledge. In June 2016, it opened a public account "Gout Union" on Wechat to integrate resources from fellows committed to the diagnosis and treatment of gout and promote the development of study on hyperuricemia and gout.

Teaching and Scientific Research Achievements

The department has accumulated rich experience in comprehensive treatment and basic research of autoimmune diseases. Many achievements have been brought to domestic academic conferences for lectures and exchange. Up to now, more than ten papers have been published on SCI journals and nearly 100 on Chinese core journals. Besides, the department staff has participated in the compilation of over 20 clinical books, and served as deputy editors-in-chief for two.

In 2006, the department set up a master program, and in 2013, a doctoral program. It has cultivated four Master students up to now and five doctoral candidates are now under training. In 2007, after inspection by experts from the Ministry of Public Health, the department became a training base for residents of general medicine and a specialist training base in Shanghai. There are nearly 100 residents receiving training here every year. It has undertaken the training task of trainee doctors of general medicine and rheumatology, eight-year graduate students as interns, graduates,  doctoral students and international students for a long time. It also gave lectures on clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine.

It has participated in the compilation of Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Practice, Practical Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (textbooks for national colleges and universities), KELLEYS Textbook of Rheumatology (Chinese version), Ankylosing Spondylitis, Clinical Rheumatology Course, sections of national medical ebook Internal Medicine, Integrated Teaching of Motor System Injury and Disease, Standardized Training Course for Residents in Shanghai (Internal Medicine) and other teaching materials.