The Orthopaedics Department affiliated to Zhongshan Hospital was founded since the beginning of this hospital (former Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital). The department is abundant in famous experts and gains fame with its rigorous academic attitude, honesty and dedication. It has initiated many orthopedic operation methods. With generations of efforts for nearly 80 years, it has become a comprehensive department integrated with medical service, scientific research and education. It has a superior professional team ranking the top domestically. All previous directors are: Li Hongru, Wu Zuyao, Shi Yifei, Qiu Lin, Chen Zhongwei, Zhang Guangjian, Chen Zhengrong, Chen Tongyi, Yao Zhenjun (general management) and Zhang Feng.

The current director: Dong Jian.

Deputy director: Yao Zhenjun and Jiang Xiaoxing.

This department now has 2 clinical wards, 1 daytime ward and 102 beds. Now there are 44 doctors, of whom 91% have a master degree, 4 doctoral supervisors and 6 master supervisors. 11 staff have senior professional titles and 16 have associate senior professional titles. Most of those with a title above attending physician have experience of studying abroad.

Clinical features

The department has now 7 sub specialties including Spine Surgery (Dong Jian as director), Articular Surgery (Yao Zhenjun as director), Traumatology (Shi Deyuan as director), Musculoskeletal Cancer Surgery ( Wang Yichao as director), Arthroscopy (Sports Medicine with Lin Jianping as director), Ankle Surgery (Zhou Jianpin as director), Hand Surgery and Microsurgery (Chen Zenggan as director).

Besides regular orthopedic diseases, the department has special treatments which take the lead internationally in the following areas: spinal neoplasm single posterior approach total en bloc spondylectomy, minimally invasion spine surgery, spine degeneration diseases and spine fracture surgery, kyphosis correction, early interference of avascular necrosis of femoral head, prosthetic replacement, revision of artificial joints, hip reservation treatment like osteotomy for acetabular dysplasia, complex acetabular fractures, treatment for complex intra-articular fracture and highly comminuted long bone shaft fracture, comprehensive treatment for aged osteoporosis fracture, limb reservation treatment for limb tumor and intractable cases, arthroscopically assisted diagnosis and treatment of traumatic diseases in knee and shoulder joint and degenerative diseases, common small joint diseases in elbow, ankle and wrist, surgical treatment for peripheral nerve damage repair and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Teaching and Research Achievements

The department is one of the first Doctor’s degree granting institutes and post-doctoral research stations, State Education Commission key discipline, the Ministry of Education “211 Project” I, II and III key discipline. It undertakes the teaching task for undergraduates, postgraduates, doctors and postdoctors, clinical practice for intern doctors from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University.

The department values academic promotion. It holds many national continuing education classes and remote education programs every year, including national spinal tumor Total spondylectomy and new spinal surgical technologies, national joint surgery new technology classes, and national periarticular fracture surgery rules class. From 2015 on, it holds oncology academic week and master forum every year.

The department has undertaken the national “863 project”, project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), “973 sub-project”, scientific research project of the Ministry of Health, and Shanghai Municipal Committee of Science and Technology key discipline for many times. In recent years, it has undertaken 79 projects from NSCF, the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Committee of Science and Technology, and the Health Bureau, of them 19 are from NSCF.

This department has won 16 scientific achievement prizes from the State Council, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and Shanghai Municipal. In 1980, Prof. Zhang Guangjian won the first prize of scientific achievement issued by the Ministry of Health. In 1996, Academician Chen Zhongwei won the first prize of National Invention Prize. In 2003, Academician Chen Zhongwei won the second prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. In 2011, Prof. Dong Jian won the first prize of Shanghai Municipal Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and the second prize in 2013. In Oct. 2014, Prof. Dong Jian won the first prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.