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Emergency Department of Zhongshan Hospital was founded in 1987. In 2005, the emergency nursing team became one of the first Emergency Nurse Training Bases of Shanghai Nurses Association and was recognized as Shanghai Excellent Training Base. At present, there are over 160 nurses, including 1 associate chief nurse and 15 charge nurses. Sixty-five of the staff are with or earning bachelor’s degree, while others are with or working on their associate degree, ensuring the high quality of the whole team.

As always, the emergency nursing team is devoted to serving patients of various emergent and critical illnesses, in accordance with the tenet “All for Patients”. After generations of efforts and dedication, it tries to become a proactive team with rapid response, advanced skills and innovative spirit. In addition to the basic first-aid skills such as CPR, defibrillation and gastric lavage, all the team members can also deliver PICCO hemodynamic monitoring, bedside blood purification, hypothermia treatment, bedside fiberoptic bronchoscopy, and other nursing interventions. To comply with the development of the department and improve their specialty skills, nurses are encouraged to participate in various specialty nursing groups. There are currently emergency specialty nurses such as static therapy group, stoma group, evidence-based nursing group and psychological nurses. The backbones are sent to learn CRRT, 5 of whom have been certified by now.   

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This department now has an excellent medical nursing team, which is able to take the responsibility of rescuing all types of emergent and critically ill patients. A green express lane has been established for emergent mass casualty, acute multiple trauma, acute myocardial infarction and acute stroke, while an integrated treatment streamline is in place from in-hospital emergent treatment to emergency surgery/emergency intensive care, thus ensuring a rescue success rate of 98% and above.

 In the meantime, the team pays attention to the research and innovation of clinical nursing. In the past 3 years, we have won the second and the third prize of Shanghai Star Project, obtained 3 projects of Fudan 985 Nursing Research Foundation and 4 national patents, with several Culture and Cultivation Golden Ideas Award and Innovation Award. The staff has published over 20 papers in core journals.

In addition to the busy emergency nursing work, the team also actively participates in the medical coverage for major events, including the 2007 Special Olympics, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (events in Shanghai), the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2011 World Swimming Championships, the 2014 CICA Fourth-Summit and other major sporting events. The department’s excellent performance has been recognized by the overseeing authorities. The department staff has won multiple prizes and awards including the winning prize of the first National QCC Competition, "March 8th" Red Banner Collective Award, National Excellent Female-Worker Post, Shanghai Red-Banner Model Post granted by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and the Shanghai Municipal Civilization Office, and Red-Banner Model Post of Shanghai Health System by Shanghai Medical Labor Union.

In this department, there is no empty talk or legendary stories, but dedication and hard work. The women in this department quietly fulfill their social responsibilities of helping the sick with their heart and soul, lauded as “the most beautiful Wo-men” in the world.