Department of Geriatrics in Zhongshan Hospital was founded by Prof. Zhu Junren, a famous expert of cardiovascular disease and geriatrics, in July, 1989, which is one of the earliest in China. After 20 years of development, it now has 33 staff members, including 3 professors and chief physicians, 7 associate chief physicians, 22 attending physicians, and 1 resident physician. There are special outpatient services such as geriatric endocrinology, cardiovascular, neurology, digestion, osteoporosis and memory disorder, etc. with over 120 authorized beds available. Focusing on geriatrics, it receives patients with internal and geriatric diseases, and provides healthcare for cadres as well. The department is highly professional in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research of geriatric cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, respiratory and neoplastic diseases, with strong comprehensive diagnosis and treatment capability for those old and aged patients with intractable or critically ill diseases. In the process of development, the department has gradually formed several unique sub-specialty groups combing clinical practice with scientific research, which include groups of geriatric digestion, cardiovascular, respiratory, neoplasm, kidney and urinary diseases, neurology and severe disease. With clinical practice and scientific research as the two wheels, physicians of these sub-specialties constantly endeavor to improve their diagnosis and treatment capabilities, so as to provide all patients with the best and most advanced services. There is 1 doctoral supervisor and 2 Master supervisors in this department. It has participated in several projects on early-stage cerebral-vascular disease, sustained neurological rehabilitation, etc. in the Ninth and Tenth Five-year Plans It has also undertaken two projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and several by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning. It has cultivated 7 doctors and 33 masters, with 3 doctoral candidates and 11 graduate students now.

Current director: Hu Yu   Deputy director: Luo Man


Chief physicians: Hu Yu, Cai Yingyun, Xie Ruiman

Associate chief physicians: Luo Man, Xu Wei, Lu Ming, Zhu Jiheng, Qiu Dongying, Wu Lin, Ren Weiying

Attending physicians: Miao Lijun, Chen Yiming, Zhang Wenli, Yuan Ying, Ma Hui, Pan Gang, Wu Kefen, Wang Yanying, Dai Jiangpin, Zhang Xiaoyi, Li Xi, Chang Guilin, Shen Jipin, Wang Jia, Wu Jiawu, Song Le, Xu Kan, Kuai Zheng, Zhu Lin, Sun Yan, Chen Lingyan, Shen Yi

Resident physician: Tang Guowen