Founded in September, 1976, Department of Dermatology in Zhongshan Hospital£¨DDZH£©is one of the best known dermatology departments in China. With a professional team of dermatology experts, it is a certified degree granting institute for doctors and masters of dermatovenereology, one of the first clinical sites for newly developed dermatology pharmaceuticals authorized by the Ministry of Health, and one of the standardized training bases for resident physicians in Shanghai. The department has well-equipped outpatient clinics as well as 20 inpatient beds. With dedicated rooms for dermatophyte, dermatopathology, phototherapy, operation, skin care treatment, and independent immunology lab, we can diagnose and treat various intractable skin diseases. The department can simultaneously deliver treatment projects such as laser therapy, cryotherapy, phototherapy, photodynamic therapy, cosmetic dermatology and outpatient operation. Every year, it receives about 100,000 outpatients and 600 inpatients.

The department currently has 13 physicians, including 1 professor, 8 associate professors (associate chief physicians), and 4 attending physicians. Eight of the physicians hold doctoral degrees is a doctoral student supervisor, and 3 master’s student supervisors. There are also 4 technicians, 1 specialty head nurse and 13 staff nurses. The department director, Prof. Li Ming, is a nationally well-known specialist in dermatovenereology, a long-term member of the dermatology branch of Chinese Physician Association, a long-term member of the dermatovenereology branch and the leader of the immunological dermatosis branch of Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine. He is also the vice committee director of the dermatovenereology committee of Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrated Medicine, and editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Dermatology and 7 other dermatology and relevant journals.

Clinical Features

DDZH is not only proficient in western medicine, but also specialized in integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. The department enjoys a national reputation in its featured expertise in the treatment of connective tissue diseases and intractable diseases such as lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis and scleroderma, utilizing integrated medicine techniques. We have formulated many Chinese medicine preparations such as Lei Gong Teng series, which possess satisfying curative effect on a number of refractory dermatology conditions including connective tissue diseases, autoimmune dermatoses, allergic dermatoses etc. Professor Qin Wanzhang continues to be the honorary director of the dermatovenereology committees of both China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrated Medicine.

Scientific Research & Teaching Achievements

DDZH is a certified degree granting institute for doctoral and master’s degrees. With 1 doctoral supervisor, and 3 master’s student supervisors, over 10 doctorally prepared physicians and over 20 physicians with master’s degree have graduated from here. We are also responsible for the general and clinical teaching of 8-year and 5-year undergraduates in School of Clinical Medicine, Fudan University. The department has won the second prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement and has been named multiple times for Excellent Teamwork Award for Undergraduate Education. We have received over 100 visiting physicians from all over the country for further training since 1981, who have become the mainstay of their departments after returning to their individual workplace. In 2006, our department was approved by the Ministry of Health to be one of the first Standardized Training Base for Dermatology Residents in China. In 2014, our department became one of the first Shanghai Standardized Training Grounds for Specialist Physicians. Our Department contributes to the profession of dermatology in China by enlisting and training high-quality dermatology residents and specialists.

Relying on its central laboratory, DDZH has been committed for decades to the research of treating connective tissue diseases and other autoimmune dermatoses with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, taking a leading role in those areas in both the clinical diagnosis, treatment and basic research in China. In recent years, our department has completed 10 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects by the Ministry of Health, 4 by the Chinese Medical Association, 16 by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Fudan University, as well as 4 Sino-Japan and Sino-ROK international projects. More than 200 papers have been published, including 27 SCI papers in several famous international journals including Arthritis & Rheumatology, Rheumatology, and Arthritis Research & Therapy. Our department holds 4 invention patents and several provincial scientific research awards. Our department exerts significant influence both at home and abroad.

In 1999, DDZH was approved to be a national pharmaceutical clinical trial research center, and became one of the first clinical trial centers for dermatology pharmaceuticals in China. In recent years, our department has completed over 50 Phase II clinical drug trials assigned by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), thus providing Chinese dermatologists with more medication options.

In addition, our department has developed over 10 oral formularies including Santeng Mixture, Mixture for Invigorating Blood Circulation, and Wuling Syrup, as well as over 20 external formularies such as Imipramine Chlorobenzene Cream and Compound Benzoic Acid Solution. These formularies have achieved remarkable results in the treatment of connective tissue diseases and other intractable dermatoses.