General Medicine


The Department of General Medicine of Zhongshan Hospital was founded in 1994 by Prof. Yang Binghui, pioneer of general medicine in Chinese mainland. It is the first department of such kind to be established in a tertiary teaching hospital, which combines medical service, teaching practice and research. The department has 33 full-time doctors, including 3 chief physicians, 6 associate chief physicians and 25 attending physicians. Among them, there are 6 PhD graduates, 2 PhD candidates, 14 master graduates, 3 master candidates, a doctoralsupervisor and 3 master’s supervisors.

The department has 112 regular beds. It runs general clinic, expert clinic as well as VIP clinic. With comprehensive ward facilities, plentiful medical resources and supported by integrated technical strength of multiple specialties, the department is able to provide patients with quality medical care on the basis of holistic medicine philosophy.

The discipline of General Medicine of Zhongshan Hospital has great influence on general medicine education in our country. It is in the national forefront in terms of undergraduate general medicine education, graduate education, general practitioner standardized training and general medicine educator training. In 2000, the department took the lead to explore general practitioner standardized training, then expanded its exploration to medical undergraduate education, graduate education, and general medicine educator training in order to establish a general medicine personnel training system. In 2006, the book An Introduction To General Medicine edited by Prof. Yang Binghui was granted National Higher Education Textbook Award for Medicine and Pharmacology. In 2010, the paper “Research and Application of Standardized Training for General Medicine Residents" won third prize of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award. In 2011, An Introduction to General Medicine was adopted as a key discipline supported project by Shanghai Education Commission and recognized as one of Shanghai Municipality Fine Courses. In 2013, the department became the country’s first national-class regional General Medicine teacher training demonstration ground. In 2014, the article “Exploration and Innovation of the General Medicine Teaching System and Talent Training Pattern in China” won special prize of Higher Education Teaching Award of Shanghai Municipality, and the article “Exploration and Innovation of General Medicine Education - Chinese Style” won second prize of National Higher Education Teaching Award. In March 2014, the General Medicine Department of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University became the first training institute of general medicine practitioner certified by WONCA internationally.

The departmenthas obtained many research funds since its establishment. From 2000 to 2008, it was funded by American Chinese Medical Association to conduct research on development of general medicine in China. During 2007-2009 and 2011-2013, the department was included in the second and third round of Shanghai Key Discipline Construction Project of Public Health. From 2007 to 2010, the department’s clinical study on early intervention of generalized anxiety was conducted under the support of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Commission. In addition, the department received a fund from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. We have published more than 100 articles in national core journals and SCI journals.

The department is currently dedicated to the cultivation of comprehensive ability of community physicians. Prof. Zhu Shanzhu personally led a team in Weifang Community, gave instructions to community physicians, and achieved satisfactory results. At present, several doctors with associate senior titles in our department are involved in similar community service and instructive roles.

As a national-class general medicine educator training demonstration ground, the department plans to cooperate with international societies and carry out backbone educator training projects.