Blood Transfusion Department


Formerly known as the clinical laboratory and the blood bank, the Blood Transfusion Department was founded in January, 2007. It has 9 staff members, of whom 1 is a professor, 1 is an attending physician, 4 are senior technicians, and 3 are technicians. It has transformed from a single-functioned department, which was in charge of testing blood type, cross matching, and distributing blood, to a multi-functional one that is  responsible for blood transfusion and consultation, treatment of blood disease and adverse reaction caused by blood transfusion, management of blood transfusion in the hospital, surveillance of  patients’ indexes  of blood transfusion, assessment of the efficacy of blood transfusion and, last but not least, examination of  blood use requests and giving permissions to blood uses.

In terms of the amount of its staff members and size, the Blood Transfusion Department of Zhongshan Hospital is not a large department. However, led by Professor Rong Ruiming, the present director of the department, it never fails to innovate and take the lead. It has introduced 4 different types of latest automatic blood type analyzers, which have been set up and running, promoting efficiency and helping avoid unnecessary human errors. The department supplies blood for surgeries, wards, and emergency rooms in a safe, rational and effective manner under the condition that clinical lack of blood products has become a common problem. In the meantime, in order to fortify the safety of blood transfusion, through combining the characteristics of the department with  foreign and domestic advanced practices learned over the years, the department wipes off white cells and microaggregates of platelets from the red blood cell suspensions, and gradually wipe the white cells from all plasma-reduced blood, which can reduce the occurrence rates of immunoreaction and acute lung injury after blood transfusion.

The department is also a pioneer in academic researches and discipline construction. It is the only Chinese participant among all Chinese hospitals to take part in an international clinical project. The Immucor Capture-R Screen and the ID Antibody Screening and Identifying Kit are supported by the 3-year discipline-supporting action plan and the Youth Science Foundation of Shanghai's Health and Family Planning Commission. Now the department is also conducting researches on the pathogenic mechanism in the T follicular helper cell’s autoimmune hemolytic anemia and the expressing characteristics of chemokine receptors. Besides, in the year 2016, Professor Rong Ruiming became one of the first youth members in Clinical Transfusion Committee of Chinese Medical Association. Doctor Wu Boting, a blood transfusion quality control specialist, a doctor candidate for Hematology and a promising successor of the department, is also a youth member of the Committee.