Psychological Counseling Clinic in Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University was founded in 1987, and was the earliest psychology clinic in a general hospital in Shanghai. Former director Prof. Xu Junmian and the current director Prof. Ji Jianlin built the clinic from ground up and became the first in China to carry out psychotherapy techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and crisis intervention. They pioneered in promoting consultation-liaison psychiatry services and medical psychological counseling, and took the lead in clinical application of psychological evaluation software. As an important component of Mental Health System of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Psychology Department has been responsible for teaching Medical Psychology and Psychiatry to undergraduate and graduate students, and for clinical education since 1984.

Psychology Department currently has a team of 7 doctors including 1 professor (the chief physician), 3 associate chief physicians, 2 attending physicians and 1 resident physician. One of the physicians is a master student supervisor and another a teaching professor of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University. 18 students have graduated from the department with Master’s degree in Mental Health. Many members of this department have positions in national academic institutes, including Psychiatry Branch of Chinese Medical Association,  Psychosomatics Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Behavioral Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Mental Health Society.

Clinical Features

The Psychological Counseling Outpatient Clinic features comprehensive approaches integrating medicinal and interventional therapies. Foundational pharmaceutical treatment is combined with individual and group cognitive behavioral therapies, marital therapy and family therapy. The number of outpatients served annually approximates 30000, including over 2500 specialty services, over 300 group therapies, and over 800 consultation-li aison services.. Common diagnoses include depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, sleep disorder, eating disorder, somatosensory disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, adjustment disorder, stress disorder, early psychiatric diseases, and physical illness induced mental disorders.

Research and Teaching Achievements

Since its foundation, Psychology Department has carried out research on depression and anxiety in inpatients in general hospitals and investigated the utilization of the research findings in the psychological treatment of general hospital inpatients with therapies such as psychological counselling, psychological behavioral intervention and psychotherapy. Psychology Department has also researched the quality of life and psychological status of patients with rheumatic diseases and organ transplantation, evaluated the Shanghai Mental Health Hotline Consultation Application and the Suicide Hotline Crisis Intervention; and expanded the study of depressive disorder recognition and intervention by community health workers. Psychology Department has published over 140 articles in academic journals at home and abroad.

Despite the limited number of teachers and resources, this department undertakes the teaching of two mandatory courses of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry to undergraduate medical students (5-year program and 8-year program). This department is also responsible for teaching elective courses of Medical Psychological Counselling Methods and Development of Psychosomatic Medicine. The department also offers didactic and clinical education to visiting physicians in Zhongshan Hospital and Shanghai Mental Health Center. The department participates in the instructional ward rounding and  medical students’ psychology clinical education in Shanghai Mental Health Center. Each year, Psychology Department fulfills all of the clinical teachings of medical students majoring in psychology as well as about 100 non-psychology-major students’ clinical practicum education (2 weeks per student in Psychology Department.).

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Prof.Xu Junmian was awarded with the second prize of Shanghai Higher Education Excellent Teaching Achievement in 1993 for his pioneering work in psychological courses and training.

Prof. Xu won the title of Shanghai Medical College Excellent Educators in 1997 and Contribution Award of Medical Psychology from Psychological Committee of Chinese Psychology Society in 2004.

Prof. Ji Jianlin ever won the Shanghai-Azai Mental Health Prize(Medical Education); second prize of Shanghai Medical College Youth Teachers Lecture Contest; Shanghai Medical College Leading Educator; Baoshan Iron& Steel Excellent Teacher Prize; Excellent Youth Teachers of Shanghai Higher Institutes; Wu Jieping-Yang Sen Medical Research Prize; National Excellent Mental Health Workers; 2004 Shanghai Medical College Leading Educator.