Vascular Surgery


Zhongshan Hospital is a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases in China and the Department of Vascular Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital was the first of its kind to become an independent department in the nation. In 2002, it was named a Key Discipline of the Ministry of Education. After the development of over half a century, it is now one of the largest diagnostic and treatment centers of vascular diseases which integrate medical service, education and research.

Monday to Saturday mornings are for general and specialist clinics and afternoons are reserved for specialist clinic only. The department handles more than 30,000 outpatient visits annually. There are 40 regular beds and 5 flexible ones. In 2013, the number of discharged patients, inpatients and operations performed by the department each exceeds 2,000. The department diagnoses and treats common vascular diseases as well as difficult ones and the variety, level of difficulty and scale of its operations are all in the leading position domestically. Especially since the year 2000, the department has endeavored to apply new minimally invasive endovascular surgery techniques and actively promote it nationwide. As a result, it has become the largest domestic diagnostic and treatment center as well as training center for endovascular surgeries.

The department has trained nearly half of the country’s vascular surgery specialists in the past 50 years, thus being honored “the Cradle of Vascular Surgery in China”. Meanwhile, it has cultivated nearly a hundred personnel with master’s and PhD degrees in the past 30 years, being the first to set up a mobile station for postdocs of vascular surgery.

The department has undertaken over 50 research projects including projects from National High Technology Research Program of China (863 Program), projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Research Projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and those from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Health, Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Fudan University. In addition, the department staff has published over 300 articles and won multiple awards including the first prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the second prize of Science and TechnologyProgress Award from the Ministry of Education, the second and third prize of Shanghai Science and TechnologyProgress Award.

Currently there are 15 permanent staff members in the department, including 5 professors and chief physicians, 6 associate professors and associate chief physicians (2 doctoral supervisors and 3 master student supervisors), and 4 attending physicians.

Experts list:

Prof. Wang Yuqi, Prof. Fu Weiguo, Chief Physician Guo Daqiao, Chief Physician Xu Xin, Chief Physician Chen Bin, Associate Chief Physician Jiang Junhao, Associate Chief Physician Yang Yu, Associate Chief Physician Shi Zhenyu, Associate Chief Physician Zhu Ting, Associate Chief Physician Dong Zhihui, Associate Chief Physician Wang Lixin.