Evidence-based Medicine Center


Evidence-based Medicine Center of Fudan University is a famous national platform of evidence-based medicine, and clinical epidemiology research and teaching institution.

Clinical epidemiology was introduced toChina in the 1980s. The former China Medical University sent a group of clinical physicians to study in developed countries sponsored by the Ministry of Health, World Bank and The International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN).

In the1990s, this Center became one of the two resource and training Centers of clinical epidemiology. With the support of INCLEN, this Center has trained more than 30 bilingual core members of clinical epidemiology and now they have become the backbone of China’s clinical epidemiology.

"Clinical Epidemiology Course Design" won the first prize of Teaching Achievement Award issued by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Modern Clinical Epidemiology, edited by Prof. Lin Guowei, is now the "Eleventh Five-year" National Planned Textbook For Regular Higher Education, and has been used by many colleges, published near 30,000 editions

In 1996, Prof. Wang Jiyao translated and introduced " Evidence-based Medicine"into China; The first monograph that introduces systematically evidence-based medicine and its clinical practice is the book edited by Prof. Wang Jiyao in early 2002 titled Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Practice. This book won the third prize of Fudan University Teaching Achievement Award in 2003.

This book now has three editions and is highly praised by its readers, especially the clinical medical staff. It has also become an important reference book for clinical medical staff conducting EBM.

Based on the local resource and training Center of international clinical epidemiology, Evidence-Based Center of Fudan University was established in 2004 and listed as a core member of Evidence-based Medicine of the Ministryof Health Internet partner.

In 2008, the Center was approved to offer master’s degree in evidence-based medicine and started to admit degree candidates.

The courses of the Center were supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee as a Key Discipline. At the same time, the teaching team has won the award ofFudan University Excellent Course.

The Center has a group of senior specialists and world famous professors as advisors, including clinical epidemiology experts, epidemiologists, statisticians, health economy experts, library and information management experts and clinical experts. Also, leaders of department active in all clinical areas have become the core of clinical epidemiology specialist training; it boasts a group of young scholars from various disciplines who have received clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine training at home and broad.90% staff are professors, associate professors or discipline leaders, including 20 masters’ advisors and doctoral supervisors. Their average age is 40 and they all take the lead in their specialties.

Many members of the Center are also members of Chinese Medicine Association Clinical Epidemiology Division, Chinese Medical Doctor Association Evidence-based Medicine Division, and Shanghai Medicine Association Clinical Epidemiology Division. Their roles range from chairman, deputy chairman, members of the standing committee to committee member.

This Center has successfully held 16 national continuing education programs “Champion Workshop of Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Practice”. All trainees come from different provinces and after they returned, they began to undertake the promotion and training of evidence-based medicine locally. They have become the local core power and contributed indelibly to the development of Evidence-based medicine in China.

This Center organized the national lecture tour of evidence-based medicine. It has been to over 20 cities, attracting more than 4000 audiences, which played a vital role in the promotion.

As a key research and teaching platform for EBM related clinical research, translational medicine and EBM promotion, the Center was included into the Fudan University 985-II platform development construction project.  It is now making great efforts for multi-aspect cooperation domestically and globally, trying to win more national and Shanghai municipal top-priority clinical research platform development programs, making its voice heard on the international stage.