The Department of Ophthalmology in Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University is a department that integrates medical treatment with  teaching and research, and is a component of the National Key Discipline, Ophthalmology at Fudan University. The department was founded in 1945 and rebuilt again in 1976. Professor Guo Bingkuan, Father of Modern Ophthalmology in China, has been the director of this department in the early days. Prominent experts in Ophthalmology, such as Prof. Ni Chuo, Prof. Cai Songnian, Prof. Chen Daoyu, Prof. Li Mianqin and Prof. Zhu Zhizhong have all worked here or acted as the director of the department. The current director is Chief Physician Yuan Fei, Ph.D. supervisor.

The department inherits and carries forward its fine traditions and  acquired solid technical capability. The team has 3 doctoral and master’s  supervisors and all sub-specialties are supported by a reasonable talent group. The department is equipped with the world-level instruments and equipment for diagnosis and treatment which provide patients with comprehensive, reasonable, scientific and reliable medical services. The Ophthalmology Department receives over 50,000 outpatients and conducts more than 2,000 operations annually. The department has made eminent achievements in areas of adjustable and multifocal intraocular lens implantation, implantable contact lens implantation, research and treatment of ocular neovascular and fundus vascular diseases and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases,  and ocular surface diseases, eye plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as research on clinic epidemic eye diseases. As a prestigious major comprehensive teaching hospital, the department cooperates closely with other departments and is bestowed with unique advantages in clinical treatment and research of systemic and eye diseases.

The department always attaches great importance to the cultivation of young talents and discipline construction; many physicians have studied abroad  to keep up with the latest national and international academic development. The department also cooperates widely with many  renowned research teams of the world and race to forestall in this area.  It has a “sister department” in Osaka University and it has established close relations with many influential international and domestic ophthalmological teams. It has earned many National Natural Science Fund and other funds . Doctors from this department have been present and made themselves heard in many high-level academic conferences both home and abroad, including ARVO, AAO and ESCRS. They have also published many articles in important national and international Ophthalmological journals every year. The department takes the initiative in carrying out activities to popularize scientific knowledge and give volunteer medical consultation. We have set up an Official Account on Wechat to popularize ophthalmological knowledge. We also give lectures, provide consultations and organize other large-scale activities such as “The Eye-Care Day” for popularization of ophthalmological science. The department actively joins various international and domestic medical teams. Its Director Yuan Fei was appointed leader of the first National Medical Team which brought high-quality medical resources to former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority groups, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas, demonstrating a strong sense of social responsibility.