Nutritional Department


Department of Nutrition in Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University was officially set up in 1992. The director has overall responsibility for the department which is under the direct leadership of the corresponding director of the hospital and is subordinated to Medical Technical Sections. With the development of the hospital and unremitting efforts of generations of doctors in this department, the department grows steadily and the staff’s workload increases annually. It is under systematic, normalized and standardized management and is mainly devoted to clinical nutritional treatment, scientific research and teaching tasks. Young and energetic as it is, the team now has 13 professional personnel on nutrition including 2 Doctors, 2 Masters, 7 Bachelors, and 2 Junior College graduates. Two physicians have senior professional titles, three junior professional titles and eight primary titles. The department is responsible for nutritional risk screening, nutritional assessment, nutritional therapy, nutritional consultation and nutritional propaganda and education available to hospitalized patients. The department  provides various therapeutic diets, including experimental diet, metabolic diet and tube feeding diet to meet the needs of nutritional therapy for inpatients. The department offers nutritional counseling for outpatients and actively carries out propaganda and education activities to  popularize scientific knowledge on nutrition and health among the public. The department also shoulders the responsibility of teaching and training interns of Nursing and Nutrition majors from many medical schools and junior colleges. The department engages as well in many research work related to nutrition and metabolism.

Nutritional Counseling service for outpatients: every afternoon, Monday through Friday in Room 703, 7th Floor, Quarter 1, Outpatient Department

Features of Medical Nutrition

1. Dietary Nutrition: the department supplies diet for all inpatients. The department provides various therapeutic diets and diagnostic experimental diets including diabetic weighed diet, low protein, low purine, low salt, low fat, soft diet, low fiber diet, etc.. The department has accumulated a wealth of experience in using nutritional therapy to treat diseases such as diabetics, renal insufficiency, obesity, gout and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and gall bladder diseases, malignant tumor and malnutrition. Meanwhile, the department also prepares individualized food service of small-pot dishes for all patients as a kind of convenience service which has won wide positive feedback from patients. Routine operation of this department is basically all digitalized. You may use computer to construct databases of nutritional diets, design therapeutic diets, and collect data, etc.. Patients and their families can conveniently query the bill for meals via computers.

2. Nutritional Outpatient Clinic: every afternoon, Monday through Friday; Director’s Clinic hour: Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The service is mainly for patients with chronic disease , such as diabetes, renal disease, obesity, gout, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and digestive system disease; patients having poor appetite or in the state of malnutrition after operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or people desiring to gain weight can also come for help; people in a sub-healthy state, students, pregnant women, nursing mother, the elderly as well as providing instructions about enteral nutrition and dietary supplements. The department also gives nutritional counseling based on physical examination reports and provides suggestions on health improvement.

3. Enteral Nutrition: the department is equipped with standardized enteral nutrition preparation room. Based on the development and demand of clinical nutrition, the department dedicates to clinical applications of intact protein, short peptide and special formulas. The condition of patients can be improved with scientific and individualized nutritional support.

Teaching and Research

The department is responsible for teaching the mandatory course Clinical Nutrition and elective course Clinical Nutrition as well as clinical practicum education for Medical School of Fudan University, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University and Shanghai Vocational College. The department staff have participated in many nutrition-related clinical projects - and published 32 articles as the first author or corresponding author.

Popularization of Nutritional Science

The department insists on providing scientific and practical knowledge and techniques to a wide majority of patients, community residents and staff members of enterprises and institutions. Since 2005, the department has delivered over 150 speeches to companies, including HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, DTT, Morgan Stanley, BP, Dupont, GE, IKEA, Bank of China, Bank of China Investment, China Merchants Securities, Ctrip, China Eastern Airlines, Huawei, Alibaba Group, Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Bureau of Ministry of State Securities, Bureau of Finance of Huangpu District , Pudong Citizen Center, Party School of Xuhui District Committee of C.P.C, Caojiadu Sub-district of Jing'an District, Songyi Middle School and Changjiao No.2 Primary School. The department conducts nutritional propaganda, education and counseling in various ways, such as organizing “Zhongshan Grand Forum” in the hospital and carrying out a scientific activity called “Bringing Nutrition to Communities”. The department has participated in editing and compiling many books for scientific popularization, for example,Eat Correctly Eat Healthily, Salt and Health, Prominent Doctors Talk About Longevity Preservation, Ten Directors from Nutrition Department Tell You How to Eat Healthily and Diet Nutrition. More than 200 articles for scientific popularization have been published in newspapers and magazines as Health Times, Life Times, Public Medicine, Family Pharmacy, Xinming Evening News, Shanghai Morning Post,People's Daily Supplement, Public Health, Family Doctors, Family Health Guide, Health Promotion,Cuisine, Elderly, Good Housekeepers,Green Family, Golden Time. The department also actively publicizes scientific and nutritional knowledge  via television, radio, Internet and other media. It has taken part in various TV programs on STV News, Dragon TV Stars, Education TV, and Eastradio. These programs have received favorable responses and won high social reputation.