The ENT Department of Zhongshan Hospital was founded in 1945. The first director was Prof. Wang Pengwan and the current director is Prof. Huang Xinsheng, and current deputy director Associate Prof. Xie Xiaofeng. Famous experts such as Prof. Huang Henian, Chang Rongxian and Wang Jianzhong once worked in this department or served the director.

After over 70 years' development, the ENT Department is now a constituent part of the National Key Discipline of Otolaryngology. Combining medical service with teaching and scientific research, the department owns a number of high-quality medical personnel, among whom 50% are with senior titles and 90% master or doctoral degrees. There are a range of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipments including otomicroscope, HD nasal endoscopic system, electrolaryngoscope, fiberoptic nasolaryngoscope, radiofrequency  ablation equipment, and auditory and vestibular function examination instrument.

I. Medical Treatment

The department handles more than sixty thousand outpatient and emergency visits every year. As the ENT Department of a nationally highest ranking hospital, our department not only diagnoses and treats common and frequently-occurring ENT illnesses, but also undertakes clinical diagnosis, treatment and research of intractable diseases in both the field of Otolaryngology and other interdisciplines. In order to provide the best specialty service, the ENT Department is divided into three subspecialties: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Tumor, rhinology, and laryngology. Each subspecialty is led by accomplished experts in their field, assisted by energetic, enthusiastic medical personnel at various levels. The subspecialty teams are able to design accurate diagnostic and treatment plans for each patient based on the latest evidence.

The subspecialty of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Tumor is especially noteworthy. The department has previously taken the lead in Shanghai in carrying out such operations as pharyngeal reconstruction with jejunum transplantation for the treatment of advanced pharyngeal cancer and nasopharyngeal fibroangioma surgery with preoperative selective vessel embolization. Building on such strong foundation, together with the academic strength of the related departments in Zhongshan Hospital including cardiovascular, surgery, imaging, radiotherapy, and pathology departments, the subspecialty of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Tumor has established a multidisciplinary team for the diagnosis and treatment of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Tumors. Thanks to the multidisciplinary team, every patient suffering from head and neck tumors is able to get timely professional consultation with experts from different specialties or subspecialties closely related to tumor treatment who would jointly work out and implement a cancer treatment plan.

The etiology of cervical mass is complex and diverse, involving a number of clinical departments. To ensure cervical mass patients to get accurate diagnosis and timely treatment without too many twists and turns, our Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Tumor Subspecialty Group has set up a cervical mass-specific clinic. The clinic's academic leader is Prof Huang Xinsheng, who is also the director of the ENT Department and doctoral student supervisor. Together with head and neck tumor expert, Associate Senior Physician Liu Danzheng, Chief Physician Wang Peng and others, they have formed a specific disease team. The team has for a long time been devoted to the clinical treatment of benign and malignant head and neck tumors, and thus is very familiar with head and neck anatomy and pathophysiology, good at clinical imaging reading and able to perform difficult surgeries including resection of skull base tumor, resection of parapharyngeal space tumor, and extended resection of maxillofacial and neck tumors and repair. Besides surgeries, the team also carries out other treatments including chemotherapy and targeted drug delivery therapy. The cervical mass-specific clinic opens on Monday mornings, offering services for patients of all age groups with head and neck tumors.

The day-to-day operations of Zhongshan Hospital include:

(i). comprehensive treatment of head and neck tumors: nasal cavity and paranasal sinus neoplasms, nasopharyngeal cancer, tonsillar tumor, laryngeal cancer and hypopharyngeal cancer, parotid and submandibular gland tumor, unexplained neck mass, etc.

(ii). functional endoscopic sinus surgery: nasal endoscopic surgery for nasal polyps, sinusitis, cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea repair.

(iii). throat-surgery:  surgery of early laryngeal carcinoma with reservation of laryngeal function, laryngeal endoscopic minimally invasive surgery of vocal cords polyp, vocal cords leukoplakia, etc.

(iv). ear microsurgery: chronic otitis media treatment, facial nerve decompression surgery, etc.

(v). sleep apnea: surgery for sleep apnea and radiofrequency ablation.

II. Education

The ENT Department of Zhongshan Hospital is a standardized training ground for medical residents in Shanghai, and the station for doctoral program of Otolaryngology of Fudan University. It recruits graduate and doctoral students, offers courses of Otolaryngology to medical students of Fudan University, and takes in trainee doctors from all over the country.

III. Scientific Research

In recent years, the department has successfully applied for 16 funds from National Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Fund, Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission Research Fund and Fudan University Youth Fund.

The department staff have published over 10 SCI papers in international professional journals, over 30 core papers published in Chinese professional journals and have compiled 5 monographs.