ICU of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University grew out of the Surgical Care Unit and became subordinated to the Department of Anesthesiology in 1996. Many years ago, the founder of this discipline, Prof. WU Zhaoguang, put forward three major tasks of ICU: saving lives, creating favorable conditions and treating causes. Under the leadership of Prof. Jiang Hao, Prof. Xue Zhanggang and Prof. Zhu Duming, the department has made great progress over the past 30 years. In 2012, the Unit was listed as a Key Discipline by Ministry of Health. In 2014, ICU officially became an independent department of Zhongshan Hospital. The department has four subordinated sections (two comprehensive ICUs and two specialist ICUs). SISU and SISU(A) treat surgery-related critically ill patients; Liver Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit treat critically ill patients during the perioperative period of liver and cardiac surgeries. At present, 96 beds are available in the ICU, and the number of patients served annually reaches nearly 8,000. The team now has 34 working staff with 1 chief physician, 5 associate chief physicians and 4 Master supervisors. It has evolved into the largest ICU in Shanghai with complete sub-specialties and leading comprehensive strength. Discipline Leader, Director Du Mingzhu, also assumes positions as Vice Chairman of Intensive Care Medical Society of China Medical Doctor Association, member of the Intensive Care Medical Committee of China Medical Association, as well as the first Chairman of Intensive Care Medical Society of Shanghai Medical Doctor Association.

ICU has done abundant clinical explorations and practices on perioperative supervision, comprehensive management after organ transplantation, cardiac intensive care, sepsis, nutritional support and ultrasound intensive care. ICU can independently carry out invasive and non- invasive hemodynamics monitoring, renal replacement therapy, invasive and non-invasive respiratory support, bronchoscopy, percutaneous tracheotomy, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ultrasound intensive care and other techniques related to intensive care. ICU has established systematic regulations in treatment of serious diseases and set up several sub- specialties including Major Coronary Artery intensive care, liver intensive care, life support in vitro, respiratory treatment and geriatrics. In recent years, ICU also actively develops new techniques. Minimally invasive percutaneous tracheotomy, ultrasound-guided nasogastric tube insertion, ultrasound intensive care applied into treatment of hypoxemia after cardiac surgery and many other techniques won the New Technique Promotion Prize of Zhongshan Hospital. ICU also shoulders the responsibility of medical security when public emergency happens and major events take place in Shanghai and even in China, for instance, Zhongshan ICU has taken part in the rescue operations of H1N1 influenza, Wenchuan Earthquake, Ludian Earthquake and Tianjin Port Explosions.

ICU in Zhongshan Hospital is also a significant teaching base of Intensive Care Medicine in China. Each year, ICU takes on the task of educating and training refresher physicians, rotation physicians, intern physicians from all departments, Medical students and postgraduates of ICU. ICU receives over 10 refresher physicians from all over China each year and sponsors national refresher lessons in consecutive years. ICU has 4 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, 3 projects funded by Shanghai Science Committee, 2 projects subsidized by Shanghai Health and Family Planning Committee and over 10 other granted projects. ICU applied for 5 utility model patents and writes and compiles 5 monographs. Director Du Zhuming is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Manual of Mechanical Ventilation and Intensive Care. ICU has published over 20 SCI articles in recent years, some in top journals of this area such as Intensive Care Medicine and Critical Care. ICU delivered speeches at top-level international conferences reporting the clinical innovation achievements which were displayed in posters as well, demonstrating the strong scientific research strength of Zhongshan ICU.