Diagnostic Radiology Department was founded by Prof. Rong Dushan, who was one of the founders of radiology in China. With the joint effortsof Prof. Rong Dushan, Prof. Lin Gui and Prof. Zhou Kangrong, the department has developed into a well-known imaging department with leading techniques in China. As the most important component of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, the department is one of the key disciplines of Ministry of Education, a National Clinical Key Construction Project and one of the Shanghai Essential Clinical Medicine Key Disciplines. It is also one of the key disciplines of “211 Project” and “985 Project”, and a key discipline of Fudan University. The department is also one of the first-founded national imaging continuing education training base, Shanghai Imaging Residents / Specialty Physicians Standardized Training Base, National Imaging Resident Physicians Standardized Training Base. The department is vested to grant Ph.D. and master’s degree of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. Zeng Mengsu is the current director of the department, Lin Jiang and Zhou Jianjun are associate directors and Chen Caizhong is the technical director.

The department boasts strong technical strength. It has 118 medical staff including 40 physicians and 78 technicians. Among the physicians, 4 have senior professional titles, 9 have associate professional titles. 3 are Ph. D supervisors and 3 are master’s supervisors. Above 80% physicians possess master’s degrees or above and half of the physicians with senior professional titles have studied abroad either as students or as visiting scholars. Currently there are 15 Ph.D. candidates and 20 master’s candidates.

The department is equipped with advanced devices and equipment, such as dual source 320 slice CT; 7 sets of MRI, including 4 sets of 3.0T and 3 sets of 1.5T; 14 sets of DR (for gastrointestinal, IVP and bedside examination); 2 sets of digital mammogram machines, 3 flat panel digital subtraction angiography (DSA) machines, and 2 bone density scanners. Over the past 5 years, the number of patients received in the department has increase by an incremental10% every year. More than560,000 people were examined here in 2015, among whom 206,000 and 72,000 patients received CT and MRI examinations respectively. Most patients can get all examinations within1 to 3 days after reservation. The department actively takes part in the multi-disciplines clinical diagnosis teams. We offer senior and general specialist outpatient clinic service and provide consultation and suggestions of treatment based on the imaging data of difficult and complicated diseases in our hospital and others.

Clinical service and Research

The department has advantages in the following aspects: a) cancer imaging diagnosis of hepatoma, tumor imaging with small hepatocellular core carcinoma and early diagnosis and post treatment assessment of pancreatic cancer, renal cell carcinoma, breast cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer; b) non-invasive imaging diagnosis of coronary heart disease and other vascular disease; c) imaging diagnosis and functional assessment of early hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis; d) assessment of organ transplant before and after operation with combined imaging technique.

The department has offered specialist outpatient clinic for over 10 years, and has been praised by patients and clinical departments. Experienced specialists with associate professional titles and above analyze the imaging records and carry out consultation to serve the different needs of patients and arrange relevant examinations. Experts mainly help with clinical issues by providing: a) a definitive diagnosis or diagnostic recommendations and suggestion of further imaging examination if necessary (x-ray, CT, MRI, DSA and PET/CT, etc.); b) post-treatment observation and follow-up; c) confirmation of cancer diagnosis, staging and operability assessment as well as further imaging examination if necessary.

The setting of Diagnostic Radiology Specialist Outpatient Clinic fundamentally changed the old work model of only reading images without contact with the patient. Specialists directly communicate with patients, investigate patients’ medical history and perform examinations. Combined with rich imaging diagnostic and clinical experience, direct patient contact enables our physicians to individualize clinical imaging diagnosis and improve the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Additionally, the department also provides senior specialist outpatient clinic. The nationally renowned radiology professors Prof. Zeng Mengsu and Prof. Jiang Lin provide quality, convenient and focused VIP consultation to patients.

Scientific Research and Teaching Achievements

This department is responsible for 10 projects of ministerial level and above and researching fund is about 5 million yuan. Our scientific achievements have won National Science and Technology Progress Award, Ministry of Education award for Progress in Science and Technology, Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Progress Award.

Our staff has published 221 articles over the 5-year period from 2011 to 2015 including 75 published in SCI journals, 33 in national authoritative journals and 113 in other top journals.

The department is also the location of Imaging Department ofShanghai Medical College of Fudan University. The department is responsible for the lecture-hall illustrative course of “Imaging Diagnosis” at Shanghai Medical Collegeof Fudan University. Imaging Diagnosis was recognized as one of the Fudan University Excellent Courses. We are also responsible for the lecture-hall series of “Abdominal Imaging Progress” and “Cardiovascular Diagnosis Progress”.

As a training base for resident physicians and specialized physicians, the department enlists 12-15 resident physicians and 4-5 specialized physicians every year. We have trained 65-75 visiting physicians and technicians (including 5 mechanics).

As a national continuing education base, we hold three national continuing education projects every year: Foundation of Diagnostic Radiology and Improvement, New Techniques in Medical Imaging and Their Application, Abdominal Imaging New Techniques Workshop, with around 100 students enrolled in each class.