Consultation Procedures in VIP Clinic


Notes for Consultation

1. Patients should arrive on time for reserved and Multi-subject Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) consultations. An early contact with the Reservation personnel is required (at least one working day prior to the reserved date, before 3 p.m.) if there is any delay or change of plans.

2. In case of uncommon incidents such as urgent first aids or important  missions, or the expert’s health problems, VIP Clinic will give a full explanation of the matter and will, by permission of the patient, either ask another expert of equivalent competency to give diagnosis and treatment or postpone the consultation till the expert’s next working day. Thanks for your  understanding and cooperation.

3. Except for the registration fee, all other  expenses are charged by the same standard as for the general outpatient  services.

VIP Clinic

August 2016