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    Zhongshan Hospital is a major teaching hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Health of China. It was founded in 1937 in commemoration of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer in the Chinese democratic revolution. Affiliated to the State Medical College of Shanghai, it was then the first large hospital run by the Chinese.

    Through 76 years of development, Zhongshan Hospital now covers an area of 95,892 M2 and has 356,206 M2 of buildings. The hospital has 1,700 beds serving 84,000 inpatients and 3,111,000 outpatients and emergency in 2013. Among its 3,433 medical staffs are 437 professors and associate professors, 1,219 physicians, 1,340 nurses, 401 technicians, 1 member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

    The hospital has all medical divisions, except pediatrics, excelling in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, liver cancer, renal and pulmonary diseases, etc.18 disciplines have been designated as the National Clinical Key Disciplines (gastroenterology, clinical lab, anesthesiology, cardiology, endocrinology, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, pulmonary medicine, nephrology,general surgery, ICU, oncology, medical imaging, organ transplantation, emergency and neurology) and 2 as the Shanghai clinical centers (cardiovascular diseases and liver cancer).Having their head offices set up in the hospital, the Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, the Liver Cancer Institute of Fudan University, the Shanghai Institute of Radiology, the Shanghai Institute of Rehabilitation with Integrated western and Chinese Traditional Medicine, the Shanghai Institute of Hepatopathy, the Institute of Respiratory Diseases of Fudan University, the Institute of Vascular Surgery of Fudan University, the Institute of General Surgery of Fudan University, the Institute of Endoscopic research of Fudan University and the Nuclear Medicine Institute of Fudan University have become the major research centers of the hospital. The Organ Transplantation Center, Fudan University, is another feature of the hospital. Renal, liver and heart transplantations have already become routine practice. The Shanghai quality control centers for in-hospital infection, ultrasound, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cardiology and general surgery are also attached to the hospital. The hospital is also renowned for its strength in abdominal surgery, orthopedics, interventional radiology, ultrasound diagnosing and integrated treatment of western and traditional medicine.

    Zhongshan Hospital is undertaking annually some 100 major research projects supported by the Nation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Municipal Government. Nearly 100 items have been awarded for distinguished achievements in research by the central or local government in recent years. As a cradle for the medical talents, the hospital has 15 stations for Ph.D. students, 21 stations for master students, 1 post-doctoral mobile stations, 15 residency training bases and 19 specialists training bases authorized by the national or local government. Over 50 series of national continuous education courses are held inside the hospital each year.

    Zhongshan Hospital is well installed with advanced equipment including PET-CT, digital subtraction angiographer, linear accelerator, multislice spiral CT, 3.0T magnetic resonance scanner, single photon emission computed tomographer, digital radiographer, high energy ultrasound treatment apparatus, shock wave lithotripsy apparatus, duplex scanner, electro-gastroscope, intensive care system, teleconsultation system and teleeducation system. The hospital has achieved network administration.

    Zhongshan Hospital is striving to become a symbolized hospital in Shanghai. Under the leadership of the Party, the hospital always places the patients¡¯ need as the top priority and sets ¡°Prudent, Practicality, Unity and Offering¡± as the discipline, dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical care for all kinds of patients.



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